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Awakening True Potential

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Why This? Why Now?
(a kindful manifesto)
Why Vulnerability Depends Upon the Kindness Of Strangers (click screen)

We Need & Deserve Kind Engagement:

A Manifesto

by heidi juniper

  “Vulnerability is the birthplace of love, belonging, joy, courage, and creativity… If we want clarity [and meaning]… vulnerability is the path.”

~brené brown, Daring Greatly

A movement is afoot. Vulnerability is being widely celebrated… The writers Esmé Wang and Cheryl Strayed have both written movingly about the need for “Radical Sincerity.” Research professor (& Ted-Talker) Brené Brown’s groundbreaking work on vulnerability and shame resilience is cited all over…


We are encouraging ourselves, and one another, (using Brené Brown’s language) to “show up” and “be all in.” For everyone who managed to survive high school with their hearts mostly intact, it feels like a welcome shift–to courageous authenticity!–is occurring.


But a crucial piece of what makes vulnerability possible is missing. In Daring Greatly, Brown encourages us to “share with the ones who’ve earned it.” This is great advice; yet, it often means that we can only actually be vulnerable with a few people, from our private lives–our partner, our close friends…

Public vulnerability is often unsafe–those who share their hearts on social media, or in the regular media, are often cruelly attacked. Sometimes the reaction to vulnerable offerings is milder, but demoralizing in its own way–far too many heartfelt creations simply go IGNORED.

Those of us who dare to be vulnerable and courageous deserve to be seen and reinforced! It’s unfair to encourage people to be vulnerable, when there are few spaces that are genuinely welcoming and protective of radical realness.


We may feel excited to heed the call to be more real–or we may feel ambivalent. It’s not easy to show even a few glimpses of who we really are; it takes courage, it takes practice…  But above all, it takes communities that reward us for trying.

So What Can We Do?
To take this movement to the next level, we need to band together.
We need to create supportive and engaged spaces where people who share their hearts can count on being met by receptive, listening hearts.

This is a high stakes issue. Our culture has long celebrated “going it alone.” We’re supposed to create ourselves, from scratch…  To be self-sufficient, in every material and emotional way.  To be Self-Complete Islands of High Self-Esteem.


Our culture makes the natural, human yearning for encouragement & affirmation from the larger “tribe” seem like some kind of mental weakness. Even among circles of the artistically inclined (“creatives”), I frequently get the vibe that the internal drive to create, alone, is supposed to be all we need to keep going.  We’re not supposed to need more than the meagerest emotional support–not supposed to need a receptive audience for our work–or even, any audience at all!


Our own self-esteemy selves and force of will alone shall keep us warm, and fulfilled.


This is insane! The ideal of the utterly self-sufficient individual may be a widely accepted delusion; but no matter how many people believe it, it’s still nuts. It goes against so many undeniable realities…  Chief among those realities is: at our biological core, we are social animals.  We can’t even become fully human–learn language, grow fully developed minds and moralities–on our own.

We need each other (whether we like it or not). And when we feel invisible and isolated, we remain small, our potential untapped. This loss of our full potential is a personally painful one–but also, a loss to society.

We need to invite all hearts and voices to speak… without this, we are incomplete. There are practical costs to silencing human voices–we cannot know where the mind or minds that might save humanity from itself will come from… or even where the one(s) who makes the world more bearable for more people will emerge.


But apart from practical losses, silencing voices leads to a profound collective spiritual loss… a loss of meaning and depth.

Your Voice Matters
Your growth and healing, awakening the best within you, matters.
The help you can give matters.
Your inner wisdom--your flickering inner light--is so needed in the world right now.

I invite you to A Kindful Place, so that the kindful and self-transforming can band together… So that we who have the courage to be real are actively supporting each other… so that, together, we can learn from each other’s wisdom.


Let us kindfully engage, so that those who are struggling may find encouragement. May we be helped to connect with the best within us, to discover the next step or solution along our authentic path.


May we forge a new pathway–a kinder, deeper way of relating–for others to find and follow.  May the light of our kindness and (humble) insight be a beacon, illuminating this unique path.

So--Come! Join the Kindful Revolution.

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

~ anaïs nin

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~brené  brown, Daring Greatly

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~tara brach, True Refuge

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