Get to Know Heidi Juniper,

Self-Connection Coach

Hello, Dear Ones!  I’m Heidi Juniper.

Me at a Glance:  I describe myself as a recovering perfectionist & self-connection coach.  I help people gain power & insight from their emotions, by honouring each person’s Inner Wisdom, and offering tools & insights from psychology, neuroscience, and mindfulness practice.

I adore learning about other people–their life story, their heartfelt experience, their life-changing events and epiphanies.  I love learning from people as well–from anyone, of any age, of any background.

I also find it really meaningful to share about myself; to connect.  To feel understood.  To get a more solid sense of myself, by being mirrored and embraced in the eyes, minds, hearts of others.

So–I’d like to get to know you.  I hope you’ll connect with me, and with this community.  If you’d like to get to know me–keep reading!

Helping you find inner peace in the midst of emotional turmoil… helping you connect with your inner wisdom and powerful-but-untapped inner capacities…  These are heart missions for me.  To learn more about this, click here:

If You Need Support, or Want To Work With Me

If you need support from this community–or if you think I might be able to help you–we want to reach out to you.

You can stay connected, and learn more about what this community might offer you, (or how I might be able to help you), by doing some or all of these things:

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And if, at some point, we both feel like it makes sense, (and if I have an opening that suits your schedule) we can arrange a free half-hour Skype interview, and talk about starting a formal “coaching” relationship.

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(Note: I actually consider what I do to be closer to Mentoring, then Coaching.  To me, “coaching” has connotations of drilling, instructing–and forcing another person to follow through, perform.  On the other hand, “mentoring” reminds me of reaching out to another person we see special promise in, and paying forward what someone else gave to us.  Coaches can learn from their coachees–but sometimes the process is so rushed, they don’t have time to.  Mentors are more able to just stay present for the mentee, and “hold space” for them as they grow…  Learn from and with them.  This has a few things in common with therapy–but mentoring is quite a bit different from therapy.  It’s a relationship of equals (unlike therapy) and, I don’t do things like discuss traumas with mentees, or, attempt to treat anxiety, depression, etc.  I can, though, act as an unconditional ally, and support people who are currently in treatment.)

About My Background & Experience

(& How I Can Be of Help)

I mentioned before, how much I love learning.

Personal growth is my primary learning-related obsession. I was a really serious child, and an anxious teen–one of my proudest personal-growth learnings, as an adult, is how to laugh often, about almost anything.

I studied education and psychology, and music, formally.  But I’m a true “Autodidact.”  My life has been devoted to acquiring the most useful possible knowledge; knowledge about how to live.  (Like Thoreau, I went into a deep retreat to discover how to live…  But it took me a couple of decades.)

For me, the most powerful life-knowledge comes mainly from psychology, mindfulness practices & insights, and even, to the best of my ability to understand it–neuroscience.  (I figure–since I have a brain, and so much of my well-being depends on it functioning well–I might as well understand how it works!)  But there are many streams of knowledge I have dipped in…

Also, to me, application is where it counts. The precious alchemy occurs when knowledge and experience get processed by our hearts and minds… and become wisdom.

I, myself, am interested in understanding and connecting with the world, in a meaningful, thorough, science-based and intuitive way.  I love and trust Science.  I love and trust Inner Wisdom.  (I rather adore poetry, and comedy, too–I believe these are deep sources of wisdom, also.)

I want to understand the world, and help improve it. I want to understand myself, and tap my True Potential & Kindful Power. To embody my values, with every breath–or at least, as often as possible. And…

I want to understand you, as accurately & compassionately as possible–to the degree you feel comfortable sharing.

(And I’m happy to help you, however I can, if your Inner Wisdom–or just a feeling within you–is telling you I might be able to.)

Reach out in whatever way feels right, when the time comes.


How I Coach/ Mentor

My approach is trusting, intuitive, and flexible. I believe you know where you want to go; and you certainly know what kinds of help you’ve found most helpful, in your life.  You know whether you can best use structured direction and guidance, at this time–or more open-ended, supportive listening.  Or a mix of both.  You know what kinds of structure have worked best for you.  (For instance: Highly specific deadlines, or more open-ended goals.)  But I can suggest some approaches, offer a bit of structure–and you can pick and choose what sounds good to you.

Any of the qualities talked about in the Tools of Transformation (Hope, Self-Kindness, Insight) are things we can help you develop, together.  Or, we can apply these qualities to specific life challenges and opportunities you’re facing.  I’m not a true “life” coach–if you need help with the nitty gritty of starting up your own business, and things like that, you’re best off reaching out to someone who specializes in those areas.

But if you’re into doing inner work–reconnecting with your Authentic Self–or just wanting to find more Joy and Ease and Clarity in your emotional life…

…then (if I have an opening) we can have an exploratory (Skype) talk!  And if it feels to both of us we’re a good fit, we can set some goals & a general agreement for how we’re going to work together and…  Get Going!

Stay in Touch!  If I can help you–or can connect you up with the help you need & deserve, I will.

<<Blessings, and Best Wishes, Dear One.>>