Getting Started!  (Here’s How)

Some Open-Ended Ideas:

*A Kindful Place is meant to be a space where people can share their true selves, and true stories–their creative passions, heart missions, & life purpose–and know that someone kind is always attentively listening.

*THIS CAN INCLUDE: personal, heartfelt, “creatively vulnerable” essays; poetry and art that expresses these things.



~Sharing your LIFE PURPOSE.  We want to learn about, support, help spread your Heart Mission/ Life Purpose(s).  Do this by crafting a personal, specific, heartfelt story–some glimpses into the Real You; what your Mission/ Purpose is; how you were led there; some details about it.  You can also share a bio, and links back to your site(s), other things you’re doing.

~Sharing your already-created CREATIVE WORK.  For instance: so many sincere bloggers write lovely, heartfelt work that never gets the attention it deserves.  A Kindful Place is meant to be a place where heartfelt work can find a receptive audience.  We publish only original essays–but if you’re written a post that deserves a wider audience–rework it, and submit to us.

A Kindful Place is a place to…  Be Real.  Go Deep.

Other Important Details:

~Submissions Guidelines, etc., are still in process.  We’re looking for sincere, well-written work.  After submission, a compassionate, skillful editor will review your work and provide sensitive suggestions.  Art (including photography & graphic design elements), and poetry (any length) that has been previously published but not widely seen is welcome for submission. Please share a bio, whatever you submit, & we can link back to you & spread the word!


~We make clear distinctions between personal essays, and sincere writing that also offers background knowledge & advice. Both are welcome, although personal essays (stories of what it feels like & means to be you) are somewhat preferred.  If you do submit a piece that involves, for instance, explanations about human psychology and development, or other areas of knowledge & insight, please cite specific sources.  (Not just “studies have proven”, but–which studies, or–cite a book or other source others can go to, to confirm & further explore what you’ve explained.)  Reliability is very important here–and, in providing specifics, readers can keep going down the path you’ve invited them into!

(Note: Personal essays that include references to spirituality–offered in kindness, without judgment or evangelism–are welcome.  For the sake of offering reliable information to readers, we do not publish writing that relies on pseudo-science.)


~Keep the Flow of Kindful Feedback Flowing–or, Ask Once, Give Twice (or more)!  This applies to every corner of A Kindful Place–in the FB group, in the upcoming forums, and, in the Your Story section.  For every time you Share or Ask for Support, (for instance, by talking about your own Life Purpose in a published essay) you Respond at least twice to another’s Share (for instance, by making heartfelt, specific, detailed Comments on another’s Post).  And please, when you’re giving back–make sure one of the things you respond to is something that has received no/ limited response.  So that every one who shares something heartfelt, is met with the attentive, engaged response of a receptive listener.

Simplest Way to Get Started:

Write to me at heidi (at) akindfulplace (dot) com and…

Tell Me Your Story!

(Or, some thoughts on what you might like to share.)

~All emails written in kindness will be responded to, as I am able.~

Some Other Jumping-Off Points…

Turning Point Story

Anything Vivid, Specific, Personal:
(For example):

*A Memorable Moment/ Crisis/ Turning Point:
BEFORE: What events and feelings led up to the Memorable Moment?
DURING: Where were you? Who else was there?  What was said?  What did you think and feel at the time?
AFTER: What did you realize, then or afterwards?  How did this impact your emotions, and your understanding, then and later? Are there still lingering questions or unresolved feelings that you can describe?

Inner Wisdom/ Mentor Story

A Person, Book, or Encounter that helped Ignite your Inner Wisdom:

(For example):

 *A Life-Changing Mentor/ Encounter:
Someone (or something, such as a work of art or internal experience) who helped you believe in yourself, in your own goodness & wisdom.

If a person–who were they, and what were they like?  Can you remember some specific encounters, and what they said?  Most of all–what did they do or say, that helped you to believe in yourself?


…And Volunteer Opportunities!

Graphic Design Genius

If you have a talent for Graphic Design, A Kindful Place needs your help!  (With logos, icons, and watercolor-style graphics of all sorts…  Just as a random example–one icon that would be lovely to have: a butterfly-style icon that looks more like a butterfly than a ladybug.  ;P)


Creative Editor

If you have a way with words (& with WordPress), then A Kindful Place needs you!  Specifically, we need a person (maybe more than one) who is innately empathetic and wants to help other people tell their true stories in the most evocative (and reasonably well-crafted) way possible.  (We can also use people who are good with WordPress & Visual Composer.)

Social Media Butterfly

If you love Tweeting and Pinning, A Kindful Place needs you!  The main need is for someone who understands the “spirit” of A Kindful Place, and is interested in tweeting inspiring quotes (that originate here, and elsewhere) several times a week.  (And perhaps using Pinterest, and Reddit, as well.)

Generous individuals willing to help with any of the above (or take on some admin roles) can let me know at heidi (at) akindfulplace (dot) com.