Get to Know Us–Here’s How!

Learn About Joining the

Kindful Community (FB Group)

To Join the Kindful Place FB Group:

  1. Carefully read the group description, below; consider whether this feels right for you.  If it does…

  2. Check out the Kindness Pledge, and leave a Comment in the Comments section of that page, expressing some kind of sincere commitment to it.  If you have trouble, even with a desktop device, please send a FB Message to A Kindful Place (business page).  You should hear back within half a day, or less.  (The Page Manager does need sleep, & doesn’t carry a smart phone, but will get back to you in as quick & kindful a fashion as possible.)

  3. Go to the Kindful Place Group page, and request to join!  (If you had attempted to sign the Pledge, and it didn’t work, you can leave a FB Message, and then go straight to the group & request membership.  It may take several hours for you to hear back–please be patient, and know that we do want to include you, if you want to be included.)



A Kindful Place is a community for the open-hearted to share with other receptive listeners as we seek to Awaken our “Kindful Power”–the True Potential within ourselves & one another. We have also banded together here to help make the world safe for Children, and the Inner Child.

Your voice & gifts are so needed in the world right now; if you feel the urge, please join us. Share your thoughts, creative dreams, wisdom, life purpose–receive encouragement & support & wisdom, right back.

Shared Understandings:

1) Belonging here requires ONLY you that you express your commitment to the Kindness Pledge in the Comments section of that Page, at HERE’S HOW: Go to this page:

Then: read the pledge, login to the Comments, express some form of sincere commitment to it. Fill in the Captcha. DONE! (Please do Message the “A Kindful Place” Business Page if you have any problems.)

2) Ask for what you need; try to offer what is being asked for. Please refrain from giving advice unless it’s being explicitly asked for. If seeking a certain kind of response–if that IS advice, encouragement, “I can relate”, or more concrete support–please let us know what you are seeking. (Also: Please feel comfortable “hiding in the woodwork” & subtly & silently offering support, if that is your preferred niche. Know that this is much valued, too.)

3) PLEASE respect the confidential nature of anything shared here. Also, unfortunately–be aware that as an online social media group, 100% confidentiality can’t be guaranteed.

Share away! Share blog posts you’ve written, share anything large or small related to your Creativity or your Life Purpose… (Please stick to projects that, on some level, involve some element of kind and/ or creative intention.)

Also, where Sharing is concerned: It’s helpful to express the Heart Connection–why the project you’re asking for support or encouragement with matters to you. Please follow this simple rule: ENCOURAGE ANOTHER TWICE (or more), FOR EVERY HELP/ SUPPORT YOU REQUEST. This will keep the flow of encouragement going. But please don’t worry too much about following this perfectly, because:

It’s so helpful to be the brave one who asks–it sets a precedent, breaks the ice. It’s valuable to act in the Brave Daring Role.

It’s also so helpful to be the one who kindly or excitedly responds, affirms, helps. It’s valuable to act in the Kind Supportive Helper Role.

5) This group is not meant to be a substitute for mental health care or therapy. Please seek help if you feel you might need it. If you want advise on this, or anything–please feel welcome to just go ahead and ask!

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!

<<Kindful Blessings to All Who Read This>>