The Tools of Transformation:

Deepening Self-Connection

by heidi juniper

Why This?  Why Now?

In the coming months, the Heartsight Journal will be devoted to providing: tools and insights from psychology, neuroscience, and mindfulness practice to help you awaken your kindest, wisest, most authentic and powerful self.

I don’t use the word “Transformation” lightly…  To me, this one-and-only life we lead is an infinitely precious gift we cannot afford to waste.  And most of us aren’t born magically knowing how to live deeply and well; how to develop and embody our true Potential.

In fact, I believe that rather the opposite is true.


I believe that many or most adults are divided from the best within us.  I believe this inward division means that we have lost (or never gained) direct access to:

*our inner wisdom;

*our authentic selves;

*our full range of emotional experiencing;

*the depth and breadth of our insight, our goodness, and our true Potential.


I believe that this self-disconnection almost always occurs through things we did not cause–such as childhood trauma, or simply now being shown how–but can be healed, through knowledge, kindness, and practice, as adults.

For most of us, our true courage, our most insightful and powerful moral selves, slumber while we go through the motions of life. But our full Potential can be awakened.

There is hope!

We can learn to cope resiliently,

to feel joy and hope,

to speak and act authentically,

to express deep truths and

embody deep purpose in our everyday lives.


We can transform our lives.  

We can reunite with the best within us.  

We can learn to directly access our own resilience and insight.


Becoming the authentic and kindfully powerful person we mostly deeply are, and tapping the true Potential we contain if we can but find the tools to unlock it…  Is, I believe, the primary task of our lives.  Becoming who we are is not a hobby and it’s not self-indulgence.

It’s world-changing.


The work we do to heal ourselves helps heal everyone.


The work we do to fully embody our authenticity,

our kindness,

our awareness,

our moral responsibility–

these actively support others to do this challenging, fulfilling, important work, also.


The work we do ripples outward when others witness our example; but also in the quality of the way we interact.

What we do, from a deep and true place–has deep and true impact.

So, with fierce hope, I…

Welcome you to the Heartsight Journal!

*In the months to come, we’ll be exploring Self-Trust & Self-Kindness… our ability to find “true refuge” within, to be there for ourselves no matter what, how to hear and trust our “inner voice.”

*We’ll be exploring how to gain Power & Insight from compassionate observation of emotion, through the practices of Mindsight and Deep Presence… and much more.

These skills, and more, are part of what I call “Self-Connection.”


I’ll be offering you what I most value, myself:  Tools and insights that are useful right away.

I want to partner with you, where you’re at, RIGHT NOW, and help you take the next, most empowering step you can.

Partly because–that’s what I generally want for myself; I desperately crave knowledge I can put to USE.

But also I am doing this because I fiercely believe that you deserve the knowledge and support you need and want, so you can:

find “True Refuge” through your own innate capacities for self-trust and self-kindness;

experience a Beautiful, Meaningful life;

come into your True Potential and;

help save the world with your unique Inner Wisdom and Basic Goodness.


And by saying this will “help save the world”–I’m not exaggerating.  By tapping into our capacities for compassion and insight, and befriending the parts of us that otherwise would lead us into despair, self-cruelty or physical/ emotional/ spiritual violence towards ourselves or others… We are helping show others the way forward.  We are helping to diminish the darkness, and increase the light of acceptance and awareness.

The level of your awareness, and the kindness and wisdom of your actions, are contagious.  Depressed people, sadly, make others depressed.  By increasing your self-knowledge and self-acceptance even one iota, you help make the world more enlightened and accepting for everyone.  What we grow inwardly bears fruit for everyone we encounter.

Together, we can learn to consciously own our shadow sides and our capacity for deep goodness.

We can teach each other how to live from a deeper and more connected, grounded, aware place.


I look forward to writing more for you, in the near future, about how to deepen Self-Connection, wherever you’re at right now.    

(Whether you’ve been developing self-connection for quite a long time, or have just started–I have something in store for you soon, I believe, that will help you on your journey.  And I’m certain you have much that I can learn from, that would help me, if you show up for this.)

…If you’re interested in getting a serious deep dive into this whole process,you’re in luck!  The chance to take that joyful plunge is coming up soon.  (See below, for your chance to reserve a spot in the upcoming course!)


In the meantime—you can subscribe to Love & Wisdom Letters, and stay tuned for future posts.  You can also complete the Important Poll, at the end of the page, to help shape what we discuss here, in the near future…

I’m so glad you’re here.  I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts, feelings, and other responses.  Feel free to comment, below, email me at [email protected], or to shoot me a PM via FB.


<< Blessings, Dear Ones.>>


*Self-Kindness & Insight Course*

This course offers practical tools (drawn from psychology, neuroscience, and mindfulness) for interrupting emotional overwhelm, and for gaining personal insight from compassionate observation of emotions as they arise. Participants will get the chance to craft their own personalized, creative Self-Kindness Intervention Strategy in a friendly & welcoming atmosphere.


You can reserve a spot in this course by sending an email to heidi (at) akindfulplace (dot) com with the subject line “Save Me A Spot in the Self-Kindness Course.”  (It will be a paid course, but reserving a spot does not obligate you to join; it just gives you first dibs on available openings.)  You will get an email when the course is starting to become available, with details & options.



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Heidi Juniper is a recovering perfectionist and self-connection coach, helping people gain power and insight from their emotions, by honouring each person’s own inner wisdom, and offering tools from psychology and neuroscience.

She sincerely hopes that this fledgling community, as it grows, may help you find something meaningful or helpful you've not found elsewhere.

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