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It Takes Love

by josh medici

“And in the end we’re all just humans… drunk on the idea that love, only love can heal our brokenness.” ~f. scott fitzgerald

“We’re stronger in the places that we’ve been broken.” ~ernest hemingway

When we act out of pure selfishness because we have seen our feelings hurt, that is a challenge not for the mind but for the soul.


Having the ability to put ourselves in other people’s shoes, understanding

where do they come from,

what is their story—

doing our best to be tolerant,

and at the same loving—

takes much more than deep thought.


It takes love. 


Some of my favorite people voted for Trump and I know their reasons. I know the pain they experience financially, and their religious views made them ignore the other aspects of his candidacy. I know it hurt them not to feel listened to, disenfranchised and ignored. That’s how they felt.


I live in Mexico, and this country has been disenfranchised by the US for the longest time. Many of my friends and relatives are Mexican, and US citizens, and many voted for Trump. Against their best interest you would say. But I say, someone paid heed to what they were saying and someone said the things they wanted to hear. To me, after that, nothing really mattered—it was just a matter of numbness.


What can you do when one side is telling you that once again you have to contribute to the greater good of the country in “grand scheme” politics? Meanwhile, all you want to know is if you are going to be able to afford medical insurance? People grew tired of the “We” rhetoric and wanted to hear about the “You deserve to have a seat at the table” rhetoric. That’s what they were buying and the left side was not selling that.


Can we blame someone for doing what in their heart they thought would make them happy?


Can we say which side is wrong and which side is right?


In that regard (“one side is right/ good, one side is wrong/ bad”), I think our system has failed to teach love, inclusiveness and tolerance. It is not the fault of the people, it is the fault of the ones acting as if there’s a right side and a wrong side.

There was a time when people like Martin Luther King or Elizabeth Gilbert were not powerful and inspired. They overcame whatever was troubling them and out of the adversity and pain came this encompassing and loving human being.


This is a chance to make a choice. We can use our pain as an excuse to act selfishly. Or, we can overcome it, and out of adversity, become more encompassing and loving. We can accept that we have seen our feelings hurt, and still keep doing our best to be tolerant and loving.


If we want people to understand where we come from we have to love them.


If we want people to come along for a journey we believe could be best for them we have to love them.


I stopped worrying about the motives of people, once I understood that whatever their reasons–those were strong enough to make them decide. We all do what we think is best for us, and we all do whatever we think will make us happy. What can we do but love them. Love ourselves first and then overflow to the rest of the world.


This is also a chance for change. Here we have something about half of the people really dislike. If we, for a moment, think about the other side of the coin… If the Clinton side had won, there would be a powerful figure on the other side telling some variant of this story. Someone on the conservative side would be saying “The Hilary-supporters are lost, those people are lost without—(whatever they think we have lost)–and we must do our best to love them.” And probably like on this side, some would say, we should hate them and throw them away!


Who wins from that in the end?


No one.


This is a chance to make a deeper, more thoughtful impact in our society, as a whole. Because, you see, for me this is just proof that

we are




As in every large system, patterns start to emerge.


In this situation, the half (myself included) who believe in




universal love—

we have a chance to show the other half that we can all co-exist in the same space without needing to prove the other side wrong.


Because we are all parents, sons, daughters, teachers, firefighters, drivers, doctors, and so on and so forth.


Maybe the other half can see our point,

maybe they can’t.


Maybe they can let go of their fears and paradigms,

maybe they won’t.


But in the meantime…


I guess we can’t miss with love.

We can love instead of anything else.



Quotes about Love, Transformation, and Releasing Fear & Expectations

(inspired by the FB feed of josh medici)

“This being human is a guest house.

Every morning a new arrival.

A joy, a depression, a meanness,
some momentary awareness comes
as an unexpected visitor.

Welcome and entertain them all!
Even if they are a crowd of sorrows,
who violently sweep your house
empty of its furniture,
still, treat each guest honorably.
He may be clearing you out
for some new delight.

The dark thought, the shame, the malice,
meet them at the door laughing and invite them in.

Be grateful for whatever comes.
because each has been sent
as a guide from beyond.”




this transformation

is painful,

but you’re not falling apart;

you’re just falling into something


with a new capacity

to be beautiful.”

~william c. hannan


“Realize you can be happy this moment for no reason. Otherwise, you eternally depend on conditions for happiness. Unconscious of this moment, you remain a victim of circumstances.”
~arthur d. saftlass

“Expectation feeds frustration as it’s simply an illusive form of control by attempting to grip the reins that aren’t ours to hold.



Let go.

Allow your life to naturally, quietly unfold.”

~victoria erickson, Writer



“You have escaped the cage.

Your wings are stretched out.

Now fly.”


“We are everyday heroes.

Just by loving instead of fearing.

Making small choices that matter.”


“The brave ones say, I am here to love.

And nothing will stop me.”


“May we love more deeply in the face of all that doesn’t want us to.”


“All of the actions we take (even those in the name of “love” or “patriotism”) that avoid feeling our deep feelings of fear will perpetuate more fear in the world…   Let’s be brave. Bravery isn’t what we think it is. It’s not using force or being superhuman. Bravery is softening not hardening when we are afraid—bravely feeling instead, when we want to go into fight, flight or freeze. This is what love does.” ~j.kass #lovepioneers

(Quotes in this section all by jennifer kass.  You can see more quotes about being a love pioneer on Jennifer Kass’s website.)

“you are so sensitive.

because you are so alive.


~jennifer kass

 “Love is the whole thing. We are only pieces.” ~rumi


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