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DEAR ONES:  Help Shape This Community


First and foremost:  WELCOME.  I want to extend a special welcome to all of you who are here because you saw what I (Heidi Juniper) wrote, recently, at the website Tiny Buddha

I am so glad you came to visit.  I am so grateful for you presence.  I hope you’ll feel at home here.  Like Lori, at Tiny Buddha–I feel we all have much to learn from, and to teach, each other.  If you feel comfortable doing so, and want to–I hope you’ll stay in touch, and even, help us learn from you. It is such a special thing, I feel, to get to learn a piece of someone’s “story”, to hear a piece of their wisdom.  (Which I think of as unique “Inner Wisdom”–although that sounds rather mysterious, and even religious.  To me Inner Wisdom is simply something our brains & unique life experience provide us with.  A grounding, reliable “inner compass” that helps us choose wisely, find meaning, help others, and–change the world.)

But those are just MY thoughts and feelings.  I’m so interested in YOUR thoughts and feelings, about whatever you might like to share.  Feel free to say hi or tell me a little about yourself, by sending an email to heidi (at) akindfulplace (dot) com.  All emails written in Kindness will be responded to, as I am able.  If you don’t hear back in a timely fashion, double-check & make sure I got it.  It’s a new email account.  🙂  You can also reach out on FB, if you’d like.  You can message me, or even create a “visitor’s” post by going to: A Kindful Place.

Please DO reach out, if you want to, in whatever Kindful way you feel comfortable doing that–I’m very interested in feedback and connection. <3

[Note:  If you happen to be having a little trouble viewing this site on a mobile device, you may have an easier, happier time on a desktop computer. This site is only 3 weeks old–we are working hard to make it more mobile-friendly, as quick as we can!  Also–for the optimal experience–hold your mobile device so it is wider than it is tall!  🙂 ]


A few things I might be able to offer you…

If you’re having trouble (as I have been) remembering How to Breathe, since the elections results on Tuesday night, you can look here to see my words to myself, that night–reminders to Breathe, to hold Still.  To seek Goodness.

If you want to learn how to Protect our Hearts in difficult/ toxic situations, including family situations… You can subscribe to Love & Wisdom Letters.  (I’ve linked to the “Get Prizes” page in case you also wish to be entered for prizes, for subscribing.  You are welcome to subscribe w/o entering, though.   And, if you feel like it–you can complete an “Exciting Poll” letting me know what topics you would like to learn about, and discuss, here on this site, and through the “Love & Wisdom Letters.”)

If you are here because you saw what I wrote, about our right to feel safe… our duty to protect our Inner Child…  I invite you to explore some options regarding all of this, that are mentioned at the beginning of the Background to the Kindness Pledge page.

Also, if you happened to see this on Tiny Buddha:

“Figuring out how to listen well to feelings, how to respond to them from a place of separate-but-compassionate insight, what to do with the awareness and energy they offer—this is a long-term process…”

…And, if that made you curious to learn more–I invite you to explore the Tools of Transformation page where I introduce the basics of Self-Connection. (On that page, you can even learn how to reserve a chance at a spot in an upcoming course, if this really resonates with you.  If this feels like a thing you might want to explore, I would be honoured to send some info your way, at a later date.  I’m also interested in feedback on what kinds of info, what kinds of support, people like you would like to find.)

<<Welcome!  I hope you feel at home here.>>

Dear Ones ~

I, Heidi (the founder of this site) am launching A Kindful Place (now, in the fall of 2016) with the hope that together, you and I can form and grow a unique community…  To create a safe haven–here, and even in other spaces, across the internet–where we can:

   *share our stories

   *ignite and share our inner wisdom

   *know that someone kind is always actively listening

   *fulfill our need to give to others–by listening, supporting them–in kind.

And, for those interested:

   *learn Tools of Transformation (Self-Trust, Self-Kindness, Hope, Resilience, Insight, and more) in the “HEARTSIGHT JOURNAL” section of this website.


I have my own ideas and hopes; but as of this launch, I’m not sure precisely what this will all look like in the end.  As a community–not just my site, but OURS--this depends on all of you.  It depends on your vision and input–and your hearts, your minds, your creativity.

I am inviting you to join me in pushing back against casually cruel, anonymous troll culture–by signing the kindness pledge–and by growing a *KINDFUL COMMUNITY* online.  And I’m making this space available as a home for that community; a place where we can find each other.

Additionally, we can get to know each other here, in the Kindful Place (Closed) FB Group.  You can learn how to join that group, here.


You can consider sharing your creativity, your heart, your life purpose & more in the “YOUR STORY” section of this site (check that out here).  It will feature exceptionally heartfelt/ radically sincere writings and other forms of vulnerable creativity by members of this community.  I’m working on creating guidelines, and a submission process.

But if you have something you’d like to share–or just the germs of an idea–email it to me.  If you have an untold story you think now might be the time to share–start writing it–even just the bare bones, what you can get down in a few minutes–and send that my way.  You can email me at heidi (at) akindfulplace (dot) com.

All kind messages will be read, and replied to, as I am able.


May you and I, together, help all beings find this world a more Kindful Place

Heidi Juniper


photo rocks overlooking kindful mtn view Jasper Boer

1—HOMEPAGE: Introducing the Kindful Mission–Awakening True Potential (in ourselves & each other) through:

a) Self-Trust & Presence
b) Openhearted Sharing & Listening
c) Healthy Boundaries + Healing & Resilience
d) Kindful, Protective Awareness of Children/our Inner Child
e) Goodness & Power thru Knowledge!


The Homepage gives a basic sense of WHY to do this (the KINDNESS MANIFESTO) and HOW to get involved.



Visit this page–vote in exciting poll, subscribe… and win!  (Voting on the Poll will shape what Topics are written about in the Heartsight Journal (on this site) & in Love & Wisdom Letters (goes to your inbox if you subscribe.))


Come to this “Start Here” page to be Welcomed to Shape Our Community, and view the Guide to our Site.  (Which you’re doing, right now!  :D)


Go to this page to learn about joining the A Kindful Place FB Group.

Kindness Pledge


As a new visitor you can Read & Sign the Kindness Pledge, by leaving a comment expressing your commitment to the pledge; and start participating in this community!  Instructions on page.



Learn what the Kindness Pledge is based on, and about banding together to Make the World Safe for Children.


4—YOUR STORY Section–Community Blog, for sharing your stories and inner wisdom, getting support for your life purpose, and giving of your other talents.  This section is still in its early stages.  You are welcome to submit!

GETTING STARTED gives more details about contributing Your Story to the community blog, finding support for your Life Purpose, or volunteering at A Kindful Place.

WHY SHARING YOUR STORY HELPS COMPLETE ME is Heidi Juniper’s personal story, of finding an Encouraging Listener, after many years of feeling isolated & invisible–and why Openhearted Sharing and Listening help us, and others, become who we most deeply are.


5—HEARTSIGHT JOURNAL, and the Tools of Transformation
This section provides tools and insights from psychology, neuroscience, and mindfulness practice for cultivating Self-Trust, Self-Kindness, and developing Hope, Resilience, Insight, and more.

You can learn how to reserve a spot in the Self-Kindness and Insight Course by checking out “Tools of Transformation: An Invitation to Self-Connection.”

And… You can vote on the Exciting Poll on the “Tools of Transformation” page!  (Exciting if you are a self-improvement junkie.  Or, adore polls.)


6—ABOUT Heidi Juniper, Site Founder


*Get to Know Heidi Juniper: recovering perfectionist, self-connection coach, and founder of this site.  (Also, she’s the author of “Heartsight Journal” and “Love & Wisdom Letters”.)  Learn more about her, and how she can help you.

Questions & Kindful Feedback

If you have any questions about this site–or kindful feedback or suggestions–the comment section of this page is the perfect place to express them!

Your questions may be incorporated into an upcoming FAQ section, here.

Your input is valued & will help shape this site.  Thank you!

If something on this page touched you, please *SPREAD the KINDNESS!*
Founder at A Kindful Place
Heidi Juniper is a recovering perfectionist and self-connection coach, helping people gain power and insight from their emotions, by honouring each person’s own inner wisdom, and offering tools from psychology and neuroscience.

She sincerely hopes that this fledgling community, as it grows, may help you find something meaningful or helpful you've not found elsewhere.

We love comments! If this is your first comment here, please sign the KINDNESS PLEDGE (located in Top Menu) by expressing agreement in the Comments Section of that page. Using an account that links to your real (first) name & a genuine photo is preferred. FB login will show in main thread if you "Reply" to a WP Comment. Thanks so much, for what you share! :)

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