EVERYONE  Who Enters This Prize Event Will:

*be entered into a drawing to receive a $25 gift certificate to Powell’s Books

*EACH receive a guaranteed surprise prize… of a beautiful, downloadable inspirational poem by an active, gifted poet.  This poem is original & unpublished, artistically portrayed on a beautiful background.  By entering, you’ll receive it by the close of this promotion (about a month, although you should get your prize as soon as a week), and can download it & have it to keep forever.  The poem’s tone is playful & encouraging yet deeply meaningful, and the theme centers around an invitation to mindfulness.

*have their engagement here celebrated with a donation to TreeSisters.

To Get Your Prize(s):

  1. Complete the Exciting Poll below.

  2. Leave a comment in the Comment section, saying “I (your name) completed the Poll.”  OR, you can send a FB message to A Kindful Place (Business) Page & let me know you did this.  (If you send a PM, you can also, if you want, tell me a few details about what you’re interested in learning/ developing & that will affect what I write.)

  3. Subscribe to “Love and Wisdom Letters,” and go to your inbox to confirm your subscription.

    Special Note:  To leave the comment confirming you completed the Poll, you do not FIRST have to sign the Kindness Pledge.  But, if you DO sign it before leaving your comment confirming that you voted, then you get an extra Prize–all future comments you leave on A Kindful Place will be approved without having to be held for moderation.  🙂


You’ll spot the Self-Kindness & Insight Course.

(It’s the single Graphic Design element that Heidi Juniper, non-technically inclined, self-taught Website Designer-Too-Poor-To-Hire-Someone-Else, is most proud of creating, & she badly wants you to at least SEE it.)


What Would You Like?

What Abilities Would You Like to Learn About, or Develop, in the Near Future?
  • Add your answer

Sincere & heartfelt thanks for your input! Your responses will help shape our conversations, and which Tools of Transformation we focus on. (These Tools are written about in The Heartsight Journal, and, if you subscribe, in "Love & Wisdom Letters.")


*Self-Kindness & Insight Course*

This course offers practical tools (drawn from psychology, neuroscience, and mindfulness) for interrupting emotional overwhelm, and for gaining personal insight from compassionate observation of emotions as they arise. Participants will get the chance to craft their own personalized, creative Self-Kindness Intervention Strategy in a friendly & welcoming atmosphere.


You can reserve a spot in this course by sending an email to heidi (at) akindfulplace (dot) com with the subject line “Save Me A Spot in the Self-Kindness Course.”  (It will be a paid course, but reserving a spot does not obligate you to join; it just gives you first dibs on available openings.)  You will get an email when the course is starting to become available, with details & options.


If something on this page touched you, please *SPREAD the KINDNESS!*
Founder at A Kindful Place
Heidi Juniper is a recovering perfectionist and self-connection coach, helping people gain power and insight from their emotions, by honouring each person’s own inner wisdom, and offering tools from psychology and neuroscience.

She sincerely hopes that this fledgling community, as it grows, may help you find something meaningful or helpful you've not found elsewhere.

We love comments! If this is your first comment here, please sign the KINDNESS PLEDGE (located in Top Menu) by expressing agreement in the Comments Section of that page. Using an account that links to your real (first) name & a genuine photo is preferred. FB login will show in main thread if you "Reply" to a WP Comment. Thanks so much, for what you share! :)

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